Jon Davis

I think these are three of the most powerful words.

For me it means, I connect to both your pain and joy.

When you are sad, I am sad.

When you are happy, I am happy.

Even in disagreement, I am for you and your best.

That I feel you and will act as if we are each other.

I will stand with you when you are taking risks.

I have room for you to try new things and make mistakes.

I will look you in the eye when you are capable of more.

Because to see is to truly honor someone’s soul.

To honor their full humanity.

What an amazing gift we can give each other.

To walk through life each day…looking at someone…

And to say with words and actions…

I see you.



Keep going

you are almost there

the doubt feels real

but your talent is even more real

I believe in you

I will show up for you

Your heart is so beautiful

It cares and feels so deeply

It is gentle and soft

Because it is meant to see and feel

just the way it does

Please keep going

Your talent is almost unreal

The doubt will always creep in

You will want to quit

But just know you are so close

When it feels so far

Come back to your heart

Look deep inside and see

what we all already see

Love and beauty

Joy and fun

Laughter and god given creativity

So before we can show up

for you

Will you show up for yourself

and finally see…

You are making dreams a reality



I am not there

but I am there

Our love may not feel close

But my tears this morning made us close

Our heart hurts for your pain

But knowing our hearts are connected give us hope

We want to know if you are ok

And it is ok if you are not ok

Know that this is not their or your problem

It is ours

You are our children

Together we our humanity

Your struggle is our struggle

So while we may not be there

We are there



Jon Davis

Jon Davis

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